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The Price of Wedding Photographers

Why is the price for a photographer often a significant part of the wedding budget?

In one of the previous articles, I discussed how much a wedding can cost and that there's one vendor that you shouldn't save on- a wedding photographer. Maybe you saw the ideal one on a social network, requested a quote - and were surprised. In this article, I would like to share what the price for his/her services typically includes and why the photographer's price is often a significant part of the wedding budget.

One of the few things that affect the price of wedding photographers is the initial investment in high-quality equipment. Camera, lenses, lights, computer, software - it all costs a lot of money. A wedding photographer who takes his work seriously and presents himself with beautiful photos simply needs quality tools. On top of that, the price for a website, an essential presentation tool, is expensive too.

But the equipment is not everything. What makes a wedding photographer a professional is an experience. Photographers often start at weddings as assistants to their skilled colleagues, take courses, and spend many years developing their style and learning how to use their creativity. It's good to keep in mind that you don't pay "only" for photos - you also pay for the experience of a person who very often has only one single attempt to capture the most important moments of your life.

Unlike some other vendors, the work of a wedding photographer doesn't end with the last photo taken. It takes hours to edit hundreds of your wedding photos. And it's the post-production style that makes each photographer's work unique. In addition to the online gallery, the clients often receive the photos on a USB drive, as prints, or the photographer gives them an album or other small gift. These are all extra expenses that nevertheless create pleasant memories of the cooperation.

Last but not least, the classic expenses, which all suppliers have in common, must be mentioned. Travel expenses, taxes, time spent at the wedding. At the wedding, photographers must be everywhere and nowhere - they must capture everything important, but shouldn't be visible. In addition, they are responsible for ensuring that once you receive the photos, you will be able to go through the whole wedding again - and none of the important moments will be missed. In short, a professional photographer understands how important your wedding is and will do everything to capture it as best he or she can.


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