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How To Be a Great Maid of Honor

In this article, I'd like to share some tips on how to be a supportive maid of honor.

Wedding planning is usually a very time-consuming activity. After an engagement, some brides may be frightened by a flood of more or less important decisions. And at this point, it is important that you, dear maid of honor, come into the game and help your girlfriend. In this article, I will share some tips on how to be as helpful as possible.

Listen to the bride.

Having a key role in such an important process as wedding planning can be very exciting. But remember that it’s all about the bride. Listen to her, and advise her, but leave all the final decisions up to her. She will be thrilled to have a confidant and a partner in you who will help her before and during the wedding.

Start planning early. We, as wedding planners, usually start the planning about a year in advance. Therefore, we advise you to start as early as you can. In the less-busy months, you can contact other bridesmaids, purchase bridesmaids' dresses, plan a dress rehearsal for the bride, set the date of a bachelorette party, a beauty weekend, or think of a quiet program the night before the wedding.

Don't panic and calm the bride. Usually, most brides feel stressed and panic at certain times. And these are the times when the bride needs to know you're there. Just be close to your girlfriend, discuss the color palette and wedding style for the millionth time, help her choose THE dress, and calm her down on the wedding day. Even if it means keeping her nervous family away from her.

Plan a wonderful bachelorette party. At this point, I would like to mention that an unforgettable bachelorette party does not have to be a wild party that lasts until the morning hours. Just listen to the bride. If she wants a relaxing weekend with her closest friends, plan it that way.

Anticipate what can go wrong on the wedding day. Wedding planners are usually the masters of anticipating what can go wrong on the wedding day. Before the wedding, there are a million and one things the bride thinks of. That's why it can easily happen that she forgets a powder, perfume, or other necessity, without which she cannot imagine her wedding. I, therefore, recommend you to have a "last rescue box" containing, for example, a needle and thread, a stain remover, or painkillers.

Give a wonderful speech. As a maid of honor, you may be asked to give a toast. Even if you don't consider yourself the ultimate fan of public speaking, please don't refuse it. The wedding is one of the most important days in your best friend's life. It would be nice of you to congratulate her in front of the guests or even mention a few nice memories that you both experienced.


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