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How To Create A Magical Fall Wedding

Fall weddings can be beautiful and elegant. I have written an article that will provide you with tips on the ideal schedule for your fall wedding. Additionally, I will show you the trendy colors for this year and describe the flowers that you can incorporate into your design to make your wedding truly special.

Fall wedding table set up

How to Choose a Wedding Venue

When choosing a wedding venue, it is important to ensure that there is a backup plan in case of rain, as this is a consideration regardless of the season. Although fall weddings have the advantage of being able to use outdoor spaces for the ceremony, it is still advisable to plan the reception indoors.

In comparison to summer, wedding venues are generally more available during the fall, and some may even offer discounted prices for weddings held outside of peak season. As such, a fall wedding is a great compromise between summer and winter. There are plenty of venue options, rental costs may be lower, and you can still have an outdoor ceremony. Furthermore, if you are planning a last-minute wedding, most vendors are likely to have availability during this season.

Fall 2023 Color Palette

Each year, the Pantone Color Institute announces its "Color of the Year." This year, the chosen color is the bold and daring Viva Magenta 18-750. Additionally, for New York Fashion Week, Pantone has selected several other colors that can bring joy, fun, and originality to your wedding.

Color Palette for Autumn Wedding by Pantone

If you prefer a more classic and traditional wedding, a color palette inspired by fall's warm, earthy tones may be suitable for you. Rich shades of dark reds, emeralds, and navy blues can be incorporated into your wedding concept, but it's important to use them in moderation. Personally, I recommend using dominant colors sparingly, such as in candles or place cards. If you're unsure, you can consult with your florist or contact me for wedding design consultations.

Earthy Colors for an Autumn Wedding

Fall Weddings and Flowers

Fall is a beautiful season for weddings, and it's important to choose the right flowers for your special day. If you have a particular flower in mind, it's best to schedule your wedding around its blooming season. While it may be possible to find any flower with the help of a skilled florist, seasonal flowers will generally be more affordable.

Fortunately, there are plenty of wonderful flowers that bloom in the fall, including chrysanthemums, dahlias, verbena, and asters. These flowers can be complemented by year-round blooms like roses, lilies, or baby's breath to create a stunning bouquet.

Dahlias as fall wedding flowers

Scheduling Your Wedding Day

When planning a fall wedding, it's important to take note of earlier sunset times, especially in November, when the sun sets as early as 4:00 PM. To make the most of the daylight hours, consider scheduling your ceremony earlier in the day. This will ensure that your photographer can capture beautiful portraits during the golden hour, which occurs about an hour before sunset.

To help with planning, here's a sample schedule for an autumn wedding with a 1:00 PM ceremony and 50 guests:

12:00 Guest Arrival and Welcome Drink

1:00 Ceremony

1:30 Congratulations and Group Photos

2:15 Cocktail Hour with Light Refreshments and Music

3:00 Bride and Groom Photos

4:00 Dinner

6:30 Cake Cutting

7:30 First Dance

Embrace the Fall

Fall weddings have a special charm that is perfect for couples who want to embrace the cozy atmosphere of the season. With the right decorations, candles, and lighting, you can create a beautiful and memorable experience for you and your guests. Don't be afraid of having a fall wedding - it's your special day, and it can be just as magical as any other season.


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