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Beautiful Lilac Wedding at Savoia Castle

When you mention a Bulgarian-Italian wedding, there is only one place on the outskirts of Prague that works. That place is Savoia Castle, which is thanks to its owners renowned for its Tuscan style and exquisite cuisine. I must say that I have a thing for Savoia, as dinners in their Eden garden have a unique charm.

Lilac wedding at Savoia Castle, Czech Republic. Wedding arch from baby's breath, gysophila.

When Geri sent me her inspirational photos, the prevailing color palette consisted of the classic combination of white with floral greenery. However, there was one picture with details in lilac color. As a lover of multicolor weddings, it grabbed my attention immediately. In the end, I presented Geri with a mood board featuring elements in the lilac hues. Geri approved the concept, and so we began planning a wedding with a color that was quite far from traditions.

Floral arrangements were assembled by Katka Durčáková from Blooming. The wedding arch was adorned with delicate blooms of baby's breath that ensured a monochromatic look. To other floral decorations, Katka added the flowers in lilac hues. She also used lilac taper candles, thus achieving a beautifully cohesive look for the entire wedding.

Wedding stationery, including menus, name cards, and seating plan, was made by Kristýna from Láskou psané. In her design, she again subtly incorporated details in the purple color.

Alina Vagner did the bride's makeup and hairstyling. Alina is the first choice I recommend to brides. Her work is of a very high standard, and she possesses fantastic communication skills. Brides are consistently thrilled with their collaboration with her.

The musical program was managed by Dana Jelínková and her Music for Weddings. For the welcome drink, ceremony, and cocktail hour, the bride and groom chose a string trio that played classical songs. DJ Cliché continued the musical program, adding wedding classics and Italian and Bulgarian songs to the repertoire, resulting in captivating national dances.

An exceptional pistachio cake with raspberry cream was baked by Hanka Pogány from Cakeland Cupcakes, who also prepared the desserts for the sweet bar. We opted for a more extravagant decoration, including golden glitter, rice paper decorations, and plenty of pearls. I must say that the feedback on the appearance and taste of the cake and desserts was enthusiastic. Nearly all the sweet bar treats disappeared at an incredible speed.

Photographs are the work of Jana Hronská. We met at two weddings this year, and I sincerely hope we'll see each other again soon. This wedding was perfect thanks to the collaboration of all suppliers, and I know I will remember it with love in my heart for a very long time.

Wedding Planner - Lucie Miksatkova Weddings

Photo - Jana Hronská

Venue - Savoia Castle

Florist - Blooming

Make-up and Hair - Alina Vagner

Ceremony Music - Hudba na svatby

Do you have your heart set on a wedding in the Czech Republic and need some help from a Prague wedding planner? Contact me, so we can start planning your special day as soon as possible.


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